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August 21, 2019
If you are considering joining retirement communities in Florida or elsewhere, you have come to the right place. I will introduce you to my step by step how-to guide on where to start, as well as provide you with updated articles of interest on my blog, to keep you ‘in the know’ for years to come.
For those who have already joined my list above and claimed a free copy of my book, you will be receiving new articles from me shortly. For those that are new to my website, provide your name and email address above and you will be given instructions on how to claim my book free of charge. If you are considering Active Adult Living and don’t know where to start, my book will be your road map to make an informed decision. Knowledge is power so don’t start your search without my guide.
So Alive After 55 - Your Guide To The Finer Points Of Active Adult Living.
Let me introduce myself. I am Theresa Fowler Webb, Author of So Alive After 55, Your Guide to the Finer Points of Active Adult Living which is actually a step by step, how-to guide for those considering the Active Adult Lifestyle. During my 20 years as Vice President of 9 Retirement Communities in Florida, over 13,000 people, just like you, took the leap and made the decision to spend their retirement years in one of these communities.
I also witnessed over my 20 years, the many questions people had about where and how to start getting the information needed to make an informed decision. Those people inspired me to write my book as a guide to those  just starting their search. Subsequently, I have decided to write a series of “value packed” articles related to areas of interest that affect those in the Active Adult niche. This, in essence, expands upon the “step-by-step foundation” of my book and allows me to provide additional/updated information for years to come.
As you will see in my book, each chapter includes interviews from those who are living the Active Adult Lifestyle. There is nothing more valuable than advice from those who are “living it” versus theory. How many times have you tried something new and wish you would known what you didn’t know when you started. My book provides helpful detail to help you avoid inevitable pain and heartache associated with being uninformed. I intend to expand upon that principle in my blog posts here.
Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect from my book and what articles will be posted here in the future:

3 sample pieces of advice in my book, from residents living in retirement communities in Florida.

“Depending on community type, your choices may be as plentiful as you choose. You create the lifestyle that makes you happy. Living in an Active Adult community is a prescription for good health! The happiest people don’t act their age. You can be 60 years old and feel and look 80, or you can be 80 years old and look and feel 60 and be the epitome of happiness.” – Ken Solomon
“I lost my husband six years ago, and I am now without him. But I do not feel I am alone at all. I have made so many friends over the years and continue to keep busy, that it is difficult to feel any sense of loneliness. Do I wish my husband was still here ? Every single day. But I have now filled my life with wonderful friends who I consider family and keep busy with lots of activities.” – Sandy Posner
“We have gained so many new friends and with so many different clubs, you can share many values and interests. It ’s sort of a senior educational experience and adds much to your LIFETIME ADVENTURE. I have learned in spite of their backgrounds, people all seem to wind up in the same place at this stage of life. All this… and to top it off, someone will cut your lawn and trim your trees.”- Ken Solomon
 I will be writing a series of articles that include advice, like those above, packed with valuable information. Opt-in above to get my book, and if you already have, come back often to see what’s new with retirement communities in Florida and elsewhere.
Click [HERE] for a list of Active Adult Communities here in South Florida. I was Vice President of 9 of those communities and know them well. Contact me if you wish to view one of those properties.
Theresa Fowler Webb
Theresa Fowler Webb
Theresa was born in the Bronx and moved to South Florida in 1979 with her family. She worked her way up to the position of Vice President for one of the largest and most respected Home Builders in the USA. She managed and oversaw operations as VP of 9 Active Adult Communities for over a period of 20 years. She managed $3 Billion in Sales and Closings of 6500 Active Adult Community homes touching the lives of over 13,000 residents. She retired in August of 2017 and her life's dream has been to write a book about what she has learned over two decades about Active Adult Living.

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